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With expert in-house knowledge in all areas of Heat Pump installation and plumbing, Mick O’Shea Heating & Plumbing Ltd are perfectly placed to assist with any projects you have – from new builds to retro fits.

We can work from your plans or your new or existing premises and our experts will draw up the optimal heating and hot water system for your home or commercial building.

Typically our Panasonic Heat Pumps come with a 5 year warranty but a 7 year warrant is available if required

Why opt for heat pumps as a heat source?

  • The efficiency minimises energy consumption
  • Significantly reduced heating bills
  • Easy to use system and controls
  • Intellegent controller monitors the whole system

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Heat Pump Servicing
MSM Renewables Ltd, https://book.servicem8.com/request_booking?uuid=b93c2a46-2934-44fe-b761-1c17d8a57c6b

Heat Merchants Heat Pump Service department: 0906 442300 Customer Support Centre

Importance of Annual Servicing

Regularly maintaining your heat pump provides the following benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Longer equipment life span
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improved comfort

Heat Pumps should last for 15 – 20 years and generally come with a 3 – 7 year warranty. A heat pump system will benefit from annual servicing to ensure that all the mechanical connections are sound, settings are at their optimum and that the heat collector is working properly. Regular professional servicing may also be required to validate extended warranties, this varies from manufacture to manufacture. Depending on the make and model of heat pump you may be able to complete some of the filter cleaning activities to ensure your heat pump continues to perform efficiently.

Heat pumps as a heat source

Are You About To Invest In A Heat Pump For Your Home?

Before you do, read on to learn the advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps as the main source of heat for your home. 

A heatpump is a mechanism by which heat is extracted from the ground outside your home and the heat is pumped into your home as the main source of heat. It can also be used to cool your home in Summer, meaning you are using the natural resources from right outside your door to heat your home. Win win!

Heat pumps represent the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil and electric systems when it comes to heating and cooling. They supply more heating and cooling capacity than the amount of electrical energy used to run it. Its efficiency rating can go as high as 300%.

5 Advantages of Heatpumps:

  1. They are much safer than solid fuel or combustion heating
  2. They are cheaper to run in the long run, than oil or gas burners.
  3. They require less maintenance than combustion based heating
  4. They can cool your home in the Summer months
  5. They have an incredibly long lifespan – up to 50 years!

Disadvantages of Heatpumps

  1. Depending on the size of your home, the initial outlay for installation can be a little high
  2. There may be some research involved in understanding your own local geology and sources of heat etc.
  3. the installation process will mean some disruption to your house and garden
  4. A small amount of electricity is required to run the pump, so it will never be 100% carbon neutral

For more information on heatpump installation, why not call our friendly team today.

Single Zone Controller

Two Zone Controller

or further information on the Panasonic New Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump see below

or further information on the Panasonic New Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump see below